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The Handcuffs Shop or is a unique Bob Barker prison apparel and equipment buying experience. We also sell handcuffs but we are not attempting to compete with guys like the Handcuff Warehouse your side of the pond!

Customer satisfaction is our aim and has been since 2004 when we started stocking a very small number of orange jumpsuits and supplied to our UK and European customers

We now hold a very large stock in Europe, built up over 14 years.  This has meant that we have an increasing number of US citizens who have also been buying from us recently. 

This section is to provide, at a considerable saving, a dropship service from Bob Barker to any zipcode in the US including Alaska and Hawaii at a standard freight charge of $14.95 via Fedex ground.  At this time we cannot accept returns.  The only exception to this rule is when there is a fault with the item.

So if the orange doesn't fit or doesn't match your drapes - tough!

If you know of an item which we do not list then no problem,  we will try to get it for you but, at this time, we are still working on 'performing miracles', however we will do our best!





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